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Our G-CUBE wastewater treatment plants are guaranteed to treat wastewater to local standards. To top it off we back up our products with a comprehensive warranty and after sales service. With this optional Worry-Free Routine Maintenance service we will take care of your unit including the routine maintenance and replacement parts (excluding membrane cartridges). Package also includes 24/7 emergency service and the routine disposal of excess sludge from your treatment plant. 

  • All our GreenPro products comes with a standard warranty of 1 year after installation

  • Warranty covers all manufacturer related defects or malfunctions

  • Repairs or maintenance services outside the warranty can be fulfilled for a low fee

  • All other after sales service are covered with our Worry-Free Routine Maintenance service



GreenPro offers an optional headache free after sales service and routine maintenance. For a low monthly fee we will provide the following services:


High Quality Effluent Standards 

With the monthly routine maintenance we will design your STP to meet regulatory standards with effluent parameters for each facility.


Free Package Installation (excluding any site prep work)

Opting for the monthly service maintenance means that GreenPro shall install our G-Cube free of charge excluding any structural prep work such as those requiring digging, concrete pouring, or pipe installations longer than the allotted 10 feet of piping. This free installation includes piping, pumps, and electrical work to get the unit operational.


Unlimited Warranty While Under Service 

A big advantage to our monthly service plan is the unlimited warranty of our parts and accessories while in the plan. This means any damage caused by normal wear and tear or manufacture defect shall be repaired at no additional cost (excluding technician travel and/or accommodation if needed). This includes membrane replacement LABOR ONLY.


Note: This warranty DOES NOT include membrane cartridges replacement parts what will need to be replaced after 3-5 years of continuous operations. DOES NOT cover any additional equipment to the original installed unit meeting the required parameter standards or flow capacity.


Bi-monthly Technician Visit and Routine Maintenance

The service plan includes a bi-monthly technician visit to inspect all the parts are in good working order and perform routine maintenance and effluent wastewater analysis. 


Free Consultation For Modifying System 

GreenPro shall provide consultation, free of charge to client regarding package modification or expansion. This includes assistance with installing additional equipment to recycle effluent waters for facility reuse.


Monthly Effluent Parameters Report

Under the service plan we shall provide an end of month effluent parameters report to make sure the unit is meeting the required standards or if it is needing modification. Client has the option to receive a paper or electronic copy of the report.


Accumulated Solids Removal and Disposal 

GreenPro shall provide accumulated solids (sludge) removal from the G-Cube unit whenever needed (excluding septic tank) with no extra charge.


24/hour On Call Service Personnel 

Customers under our monthly service plan shall enjoy free customer service during normal duty hours, and emergency service 24/7 from our technicians if the unit is needing immediate emergency attention.

To learn more about GreenPro's G-CUBE SERIES package wastewater treatment plants, or how to customize your wastewater treatment solution contact one of our representatives today!                    

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