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GreenPro’s G-CUBE series has many advantages compared to traditional wastewater treatment plants. The most obvious one is its compact size, meaning it can be placed almost anywhere next to a building, either above ground or under depending on the facility's available space. Compared to other package solutions such as SBR technology, MBR can treat waste at a higher standards/quality and at a smaller size relative to treatment capacity.  This solution makes it the perfect answer to the severe water pollution occurring on a daily basis in Manila today where less than 20% of the wastewater generated daily leads to a proper wastewater treatment plant.

Our G-CUBE series can be easily installed to small residential areas, shopping centers, factories, hospitals, and campuses at an affordable price. We also back up our units with a worry-free maintenance service.

  • Pre-engineered, pre-fabricated, fully enclosed structures resulting in lower cost, safe, and unintrusive design

  • Unit is easily transported to the customer’s project site

  • Design allows for quick turnaround time, delivery, and installation

  • Effluent discharge can be reused for irrigation or cleaning for additional savings




Longer solids retention times (SRT) tend to provide better biotreatment overall. The conditions encourage the development of the slower-growing micro-organisms, specifically nitrifiers. MBRs are especially effective at the biological removal of ammonia (‘nitrification’).



The highly efficient membrane filters provide an absolute barrier between bacteria and the effluent. They eliminate filamentous bacteria problems, sludge bulking concerns, and concerns over highly variable organic loads. Membrane filters treat load fluctuations regardless of concentrations to produce consistent, dependable effluent.



The MBR System eliminates many of the unit processes associated with conventional treatment systems. The bioreactor tanks degrade constituents normally considered recalcitrant and they eliminate solids carry-over from occurring, allowing long sludge retention times. Compared to other package treatment plants such as SBR technology, it has higher effluent standards at comparable price points.



GreenPro's G-Cube series treatment plants are very compact about the size of a standard size shipping container. Compared to other wastewater treatment plants this streamlined design provides an attractive solution to the dirty job of treating wastewater and can be placed under or above ground depending on facility requirements.


The system comes in a prefabricated package ready to operate.  After connecting electrical service, influent and effluent piping, the system is operating.  No special site requirements or concrete tanks are needed for indoor or outdoor installation.


GreenPro has designed our G-Cube series package wastewater treatment plants to meet or exceed standards set forth by the DENR (Class B levels effluent). We work closely with each client to identify their wastewater parameters to make sure the unit delivered will be sufficient in treating their wastewater.

  • Effective extended aeration principle separating the SRT from HRT process

  • Eliminates the need for long pipelines

  • Regulatory standards compliant

  • Custom design/application-specific systems

  • Scalable / Just add containers with growth

  • Long service life

MBR 2.jpg






GreenPro's attention to detail produces an integrated system designed to lower the capital and operation costs of an Membrane Bio-Reactor system:

  • Unit generates much less sludge due to solids retention time (SRT)

  • Exhibits long membrane life and has low replacement costs

  • All tanks are compact, fully enclosed, and integrated into the system

  • Requires less space than conventional treatment systems or other package treatment technologies

  • No special site requirements

  • Able to operate during peak conditions

  • Low maintenance cost and replacement parts

  • Minimal power consumption compared to traditional treatment plants

  • Available worry-free maintenance and after-sales service

To learn more about GreenPro's G-CUBE SERIES package wastewater treatment plants, or how to customize your wastewater treatment solution contact one of our representatives today!                    

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